The Safe Method

This is the bread and butter service of

It runs from the start of the football season at the end of July, beginning of August, until approximately the end of the season in May of the following year.

There are all sorts of bets advised and it has shown a proofed profit, albeit a very small one, in most years.  Unfortunately during the one season it lost, it lost the lot and at the current rate of progress it will be some time in season 2015-16, that it will once again hit the front.

For seasons 2010-11 & 2011-12 selections were proofed on

Like all methods it used to be a free service.  Because the prices are getting shorter it is now a subscrption service and its plus or minus statistics are based on prices that can now be obtained from bookmakers at the time of writing the post.  

The advised bets are for a stake of £50.00 per point.  If that is too much for you, scale it down, or too small, scale them up.  Your starting bank for this method should be 20 pts, which you must be prepared to lose.  If you do lose 20pts in a season... Stop! There is always next year.

Profit, Season 2010-11 +0.775 pts which is +£37.75

Profit, Season 2011-12 +0.282 pts or +£14.10

Loss, Season 2012-13  -20.00 pts or -£1,000

Profit, Season 2013-14 +6.304 pts or+£315.20

Profit, Season 2014-15 +9.43 pts or +£471.50

Loss, Season 2015-16  -19.00 pts or -£950.00

Profit, Season 2016-17 +5.47 pts or +£273.50

Running total, from Season 2010-11 to the present day. -16.76 pts @ £50/pt = -£838.00

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